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«TEA «A SLENDER BODY» Herbal, 60 g.


lingonberry leaves, calamus roots, hawthorn fruit, immortelle flowers, oregano herb, walnut leaves, viburnum berries, buckthorn bark, laurel leaves, flax seeds, silver cinquefoil grass, cuff grass, meadowsweet grass, mistletoe white grass, dandelion roots, knotweed herb, red mountain ash fruit, milk thistle fruit, asparagus herb, celery herb, sleepy grass, tarragon herb, caraway fruit, dill fruits and herbs, chicory roots, thyme herb, fennel fruits, tribulus roots, rose hips, barberry fruits and roots , raspberry leaves, juniper fruit, lungwort herb, calamus roots.

Instructions for use:

pour 500 ml of just-boiled water over one tablespoon amount of herbal tea. Let  steep overnight.  Strain well.
Drink four times during the day, one hour after each meal. The recommended treatment course is 12 months, with two week breaks every three months.

Storage conditions

Store at temperatures from 5°C to 20° C with RH no more than 70%.
Shelf life: 2 years.


60 g.

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